Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we are here for?

Nature has given us most amazing place to live and enjoy. it has provided us its most beautiful natural scenes, feeling to feel it and emotion to express happiness. so we can say nature is what we call the truth, we are a part of nature, in original form we and our mind tend to be beautiful as nature is, though we all do not get a chance to be in extreme beauty of nature frequently, we can at least see the most amazing  views and imagine the life out there. so, let us share the most amazing views, feeling, emotion of nature. at the same time it becomes our duty to put effort to save this world and its nature.
This blog is to express our happiness with true beauty of nature in all forms of its manifestation.

Nature can bring a lot of beauty into our lives.  Nature has a way of affecting our moods and it can force us to change our plans.  Nature is responsible for the sun, clouds, rain, and snow.  When it is sunny and bright outside, we feel cheerful inside.  When it is cloudy and rainy, we often feel gloomy.  When there is a beautiful and starry night, the moonlight makes us feel romantic.
When we see the leaves budding on a tree or when a timid flower pushes through the frozen ground, or when we smell the freshness of spring, new hope will always come to us.  Nature is truly an intrinsic part of our lives.
When we wake and see a sunrise, when we walk and feel a breeze, when we gaze at the mountains and the splendor of the seas, when we see the earth renew its beauty at each season of the year, and when the stars shine at night, we should be so very thankful to the Lord for giving us all these wonderful and miraculous things.  Learning to become more aware of nature can truly have a good effect on our lives in the way we look at things and in the way we feel about ourselves.

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